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Tours in Tel Aviv

Come and get to know the people, stories, streets, tastes and smells of the city which never stops.

Come and feel the magic and mystery in Jaffa, to learn why they call Tel Aviv "the White City" and how it relates to the Bauhaus style. Come and visit the Templar colony and see how they influenced 'little Tel Aviv'. Have a visit and taste of vibrant markets, and this is just the beginning!!!

I always say I can take a group to travel in Tel Aviv for a week without returning to the same place twice. There's so much to see in this town, and it has endless possibilities to offer - from old Jaffa and its flea market, to the Tikva neighborhood its special market, Neve Sha'anan and the central bus station, graffiti in the Florentine neighborhood, the American colony which looks like it was taken from another country, Neve Tzedek and the station complex, the Levinsky market, Carmel market and the Yemenites quarter, Sharona with it's Templar colony and new food market, the exciting path of independence and more

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