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Graffiti Tour In Tel Aviv

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Explore Tel Aviv through the art of graffiti

What causes artists to go out into the streets in the middle of the night with spray, brushes and paint buckets to create on the wall?

Come on a graffiti tour where you discover what street art is, how and when the genre was born and especially why.

The graffiti scene arouses various reactions on the street – from claims that it's vandalism to an art-loving audience that comes specifically to enjoy and document it.

Unlike museums' art exhibits on regular days, street art is temporary and the street walls are the gallery.

Even in this genre that breaks all customary boundaries of the art world, there are street laws that we'll will learn about on the graffiti tour which will take us to unfamiliar corners and alleys.

Each artist has his own technique and there's no limit to ideas - small stickers, glued signs, huge templates, street poets, tapestries sewn on fences and bars and more.

Each city has its own style and its own enforcement; in Tel Aviv "allowed" in certain areas while in Haifa it's systematically erased but ???

A graffiti tour takes us to a world where the gallery is the street, and we'll hear the story of an underground stream that started as an underdog and slowly received the recognition of the establishment.

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