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Theatrical tours in Neve Tzedek

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Who was the wife of the rabbi of Jaffa, and why did she move to Neve Tzedek without him?

Which famous writer had an affair with a wealthy contractor's daughter and why didn't they get married? Why did Nachum Gutman remain alone to protect the city and what is his connection to the mosaics? Come to hear fascinating and nostalgic stories from the magical alleyways of the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek.

A comic tour of Neve Tzedek during which we'll encounter characters from the past, and together we'll see it's transformation from a crumbling slum to a real estate gem and how it has become one of the most impressive examples in preserving neighborhoods. We'll hear about the difficulties of the Jewish community with poverty and congestion in Jaffa and we'll hear about the the exit from the walls.

We'll stop at the Suzanne Dallal complex and hear how it began from an educationak institute in the British Mandate days, then abandoned after the establishment of the state and how it became an example of the preservation and renewal of the city and the cultural center that is today.

We'll finish our tour at the 'Tachana' (station) where the first railway was established in 1892 and we'll hear how it changed reality and entered the pages of history, how long it took the train to reach Jerusalem and who caused it's shaming
All this and other stories about street art and love stories, all in one tour of Neve Shalom, Neve Tzedek and that is between them. 

מתוך סיור תיאטרלי בנווה צדק
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