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Theatrical tour In Sarona

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The story of the Sarona compound – from the Templar colony to the area of the Israeli government offices
Between the Azrieli towers and the  Kiryia, is a shopping complex that was once a German colony.

The Templars, members of the 'Agudat Haheichal', were devout Christians who came from south Germany.
Come on a tour of Sarona where we'll hear how they turned their colony into an exemplary model of agriculture, technology and building. We'll also hear  about why they were exiled from Israel by the British who declared to be "enemy aliens" and how the booming settlement became a detention camp.

During the tour of Sarona we'll walk among the houses of the Templars, the farm buildings and the agricultural facilities.

We'll recognize characters such as the desirable widow of the colony, the Jewish pharmacist, and mainly hear many stories about the German colony, the British military base, the Israeli government offices, and everything in between...:-).

We'll end up at the 'Sharona market' complex and we'll taste the delicacies from the stalls of young chefs who have to try their luck at the new food marke


תמונות גלריה באדיבות רונן מרקוס, ד"ר אבישי טייכר, אודי שטיינוול, מתוך אתר פיקיויקי

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